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  • Magender Singh Degree College

    Our Mission and Philosophy

    MS Degree College is a unique Co-educational institution of higher learning where EDUCATION enshrines the concepts & philosophy to inspire young minds to achieve the highest standards of academic excellence.
    MSDC lays emphasis on overall development, growth and grooming of their all round individual personalities in commensurate with the challenges of 21st Century. MSDC Provides opportunities & facilities to the students to satisfy literary, cultural, spiritual, patriotic & innovative urges and aspirations. MSDC Induces utilization and channelization of their energies and potential towards constructive activities & programs specially designed for them in order to cultivate, inculcate and imbibe the qualities of successful professionals and entrepreneurs.
    MSDC is committed to impart education with specified & well defined goals of academic excellence for which innovative teaching ways and means are practiced to churn students into "The MSDC students" for developing better academic capabilities.
    MSDC endeavors to prepare and produce not only better graduates but better individuals and better citizens. MSDC is an academic way of life and a vision of Mahender Singh Trust, Haridwar for the youth to attain quality education not merely in terms of degrees but vocations

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  • Mahender Singh Degree College

    Departments and Programs

    Mahender Singh Degree College is affiliated with Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University for the regular courses, while MSDC has taken correspondence courses from Uttrakhand Open University, Haldwani. Regular Courses: 1. B.Sc. (PCM) 2. B.Sc. (CBZ) 3. B.Sc. (Computer) 4. B.A. (All Subjects) 5. B.Com (CFA) Courses Affiliated with Uttarakhand Open University We have All Courses for Open University. For More Details You may visit the college during 9AM to 3PM in all working days.

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