Being the secretary  of Mahender Singh P.G. College Budhwashahid Buggawala Hardwar Uttarakhand I feel very happy to inform you all .that the faculty of Science (B.Sc), faculty of (Commerce), and faculty of Arts (B.A), are being started in the College for the Students of Buggawala and nearby areas by our institution . For the Progressive development of this institution I am grateful to all those People who are Constantly striving to increase its fame and progress keeping a Pleasant feeling of Participation in the fame and glory of this Institution , but in Facing the challenges of the Present and future Society . unless the ambition of Competence can be fulfilled , until all the sections related to  will not work Sincerely with a sincere heart. I expect from the Members of the college Committee ,Teachers and other staff and all the student and student who got Admission ,they should give sincere co-operation for the bright future of the College so that this College Remains the leader in the entire field.

Jayant Chauhan